EASC 2018 Workshop Proceedings

EASC 2018 Workshop Proceedings

11 January 2019
EASC 2018 Workshop Proceedings

Updated: 3/29/2019

Session 1.1 – Establishing Blue Carbon Network in East Asian Seas Region

Session 1.2 – Turning Blue: The Role of Cities in Forwarding  Blue Carbon Solutions towards Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Session 1.3 – Climate Change Mitigation? Blue Carbon is Nature’s Way to Do it

Session 2.1 – The IMO-IPIECA Global Initiative for Southeast Asia: A Partnership Approach Delivering Global Good Practices Regionally

Session 2.2 – Enhancing Ways to Reducing Impact of Marine Debris in the East Asian Seas Region

Session 2.3 – Marine Plastic Pollution: A Global Issue with National and Local Solutions

Session 2.4 – Catalyzing Improved Source-to-Sea (S2S) Governance, Management and Investment in East Asia and Southeast Asia

Session 3.1 – Healthy Coasts and Healthy ASEAN: Saving the ASEAN Seas through Effective Collaboration

Session 3.2 – MABIK: Promoting Biodiversity in the Seas of East Asia

Session 3.3 – Partnerships to Scale-up Community-based Ocean and Coastal Management

Session 3.4 – Transforming Coastal Communities, Securing Futures

Session 4.1 – Local Actions Toward Achieving Sustainable Development Targets

Session 4.2 – From one to many: managing MPA networks for a collaborative and adaptive marine biodiversity conservation actions

Session 4.3 – Realizing the SDGs through Strategic Partnerships: A Future Trajectory for Action in the Northwest Pacific

Session 4.4 – Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs): An Engine for Achieving SDG 14

Session 4.5 – Legal and Institutional Mechanisms to Manage the Marine Environment in the Seas of Southeast Asia: Status and Way Forward

Session 5.1 – Speed-dating with Technical Tools for Strengthening Coastal Management

Session 5.2 – Satellite Observation Data-based Systems for Improved Coastal and Marine Management: Moving from Research to Services

Session 5.3 – A Critical Review of 25 Years of Land Reclamation in East Asia

Session 5.4 – Higher Education Forum on Implementation of UN SDG 14 and other related Ocean and Coastal Goals

Session 6.1 – Empowering Women, Balancing Gender: Fundamental Aspects to Climate Change and Strengthening Marine Environmental Protection in the Port and Maritime Sector

Session 6.2 – Filling the Pipeline: A Sustainable Ocean Investment Ecosystem for the Seas of East Asia

Session 6.3 – Healthy Oceans, People and Economies: How Important is Biodiversity Financing?

Session 6.4 – Ocean Energy – The Future of Blue Economy

Session 6.5 – From Potential to Reality: Business Leadership for a Blue Economy in the Seas of East Asia

Session 7.1 – Capitalizing Upon Blue Economy Potentials for SDG14

Session 7.2 – Interdisciplinary Research to Underpin Sustainable Planning and Management for Blue Economy

Session 7.3 – SOC Reports and blue economy innovations, emerging industries and governance

Special Meeting – Gulf of Thailand Workshop on the Use of Chemical Dispersants and Oil Spill Contingency Planning at the Sub-Regional Level