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Bigger steps committed to protect coastal and marine resources

News / Dec 11, 2018

Bataan’s ‘natural outdoor museum’

News / Dec 03, 2018

Mining the white gold

News / Dec 02, 2018

A SMALL fishing community in Lobo, Batangas is putting a lot of investment in mining the so-called white gold in Lobo, Batangas. A third-class municipality, Lobo is a coastal town known for its pristine environment and rich natural resources.

Signing of Iloilo ministerial declaration caps 4-day international ocean confab

News / Nov 30, 2018

ELEVEN countries have affirmed their commitment for the conservation and sustainable development of shared coastal and marine resources, capping a four-day international confab focusing on the Seas of East Asia in Iloilo City.

EASC 2018 Daily Bulletin: Day 3

News / Nov 30, 2018

6th Ministerial Forum pushes for regional cooperation and commitment for sustainable future of seas of East Asia

News / Nov 29, 2018

Ministers and senior government officials from 11 countries in the East Asian Seas region arrived at the 2018 East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress to attend the closing ceremony of the international conference, hearing the final conclusions and recommendations delivered during the various sessions of the 3-day event.

EASC 2018 Daily Bulletin: Day 2

News / Nov 29, 2018

EASC 2018 Daily Bulletin: Day 1

News / Nov 28, 2018

East Asian Seas Congress 2018 kicks off in Iloilo City

News / Nov 27, 2018

All roads lead to the Iloilo Convention Center in Iloilo City as environment ministers, marine experts, ocean advocates, regional partners, and other stakeholders gather for the East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress 2018 which kicks off today, November 27.

2018 East Asian Seas Congress: international conference to discuss sustainable solutions for healthy oceans, people and economies

News / Nov 27, 2018

Some 1,000 local and international delegates attended the 2018 East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress, a triennial event widely recognized as a platform for dialogue, knowledge-exchange, strategic action, partnership building and cooperation in support of the region’s common vision of sustainable development of the Seas of East Asia.